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Homebrew for Game Boy Classic/Color – physical Releases (boxed/with manual or cartridge only)

Please note the important information at the bottom of this page!

2024Last Crown WarriorsGB/C1st Press GamesLink
2023Athletic WorldGBCBitmap SoftLink
2023Avenging SpiritGBRetroBitLink
2023Beta SoulGBFerrante CraftsLink
2023Black Jewel RebornGB/CPSCD GamesLink
2023Bottle BoyGBCBitmap Softcoming soon
2023Bram Stoker’s Dracula Dark ReignGBCSpacebot InteractiveLink
2023BUB-O ESCAPE!GBCLimited Run GamesLink
2023Coria and the sunken CityGB/ClittleBugHunter, BimboFortunaLink
2023Dango DashGBCincube8 GamesLink
2023Fix my HeartGBCincube8 GamesLink
2023GB Corp.GBYastuna GamesLink
2023Glory HuntersGBBitmap SoftLink
2023Hime’s QuestGBCLimited Run Games
2023illuminatedGBFerrante CraftsLink
2023KudzuGBMega Cat StudiosLink
2023Martin Gauer Limited EditionGBNerdNostalgieLink
2023Melon Journey PocketGBLimited Run GamesLink
2023Mictlán: Un ViajeGBJavier RomeroLink
2023Ninja TwinsGB/CinsideGadgesLink
2023Nyghtmare The Ninth KingGBCYastuna GamesLink
2023Oira Jajamaru! Sekai DaiboukenGBCStrictly Limited GamesLink
2023Panty HuntyGBRubenRetroLink
2023Phobos Dere.GBGBLimited Run GamesLink
2023Pocket PenguinGB/CDog BiscuitLink
2023Sofia the WitchGBCBitmap Softcoming soon
2023The Beach Bum pays his RentGBCisland timeLink
2023The Island of FileGBCProdigious Pineapple ProductionsLink
2023The Little Tales of Sapphire HotelGBCinsideGadgesLink
2023The Mayor of SanctuaryGBCincube8 GamesLink
GBBroke StudioLink
2023Yõsei WarsGB/CBitmap SoftLink
20222021: Moon EscapeGBincube8 GamesLink
2022Adulting!GBFerrante CraftsLink
2022All Humans must Die!GBFerrante CraftsLink
2022ArkGBFerrante CraftsLink
2022Beautiful Girl Mahjong Puzzle GBGBCGame ImpactLink
2022Black Castle
GBFerrante CraftsLink
2022Burn! Professional Baseball Home Run Competition GBGBCGame ImpactLink
2022Busty Bunny the Bounty BabeGBOokamiTheWolf1Link
2022Color Lines DXGB/CFerrante CraftsLink
(Collector’s Edition)
GBincube8 GamesLink
2022Death Planet
GBFerrante CraftsLink
2022Death RosaGBDahlia AcademiaLink
(Collector’s Edition)
GBCincube8 GamesLink
2022Die and Retry
2022Dijon Game BoyGBJohndoLink
2022Dino’s Offline Adventure
GBFerrante CraftsLink
2022DMG deals Damage (Re-Release)GBYastuna GamesLink
2022Dragonborne DXGB/CSpacebot InteractiveLink
2022FlooderGBCFerrante CraftsLink
2022Flying ArrowsGB/CStudio Loading ProductionsLink
2022Fydo’s Magic TilesGBohnotomsuttonLink
2022Gaia’s SeedGBBiFrost Bridge StudiosLink
2022Game Boy Camera Gallery 2022GBScratching PostLink
2022GB Productivity SuiteGBLiam GallagherLink
2022GB WordylGB/CFerrante CraftsLink
2022GunshipGBincube8 GamesLink
2022G-ZEROGBFerrante CraftsLink
2022How did I get here?GBWild Dog GamesLink
2022Indestructo Tank! (Re-Release)GBincube8 GamesLink
2022InfinityGBCincube8 GamesLink
2022In the DarkGBCBitmap SoftLink
2022Invasion of the GeminoronsGBCFerrante CraftsLink
2022Kendan and the Gem of ErúGBStompy Paws StudiosLink
2022Lost TerminalGBPixelHeartLink
2022Magic & Legend: Time KnightsGB/CRetroRoomgamesLink
2022MagipanelsGBincube8 GamesLink
2022Neko can DreamGBNekobungiLink
2022One-Hit WonderGBOlost Teletext ClubLink
2022Penalty Kick 91GBFerrante Crafts►Game broken
GBCFerrante CraftsLink
2022Pong BoyGBStudio 40ALink
2022Postal PeteGB?Link
2022Princess GardeningGBCGame ImpactLink
2022Ruby & Rusty Save the CrowsGBCBitmap SoftLink
2022SCRATCHLORDSGBCut & Paste RecordsLink
2022Sheep it Up!
GBYastuna GamesLink
2022Skeler BoyGBManiacBoyStudioLink
2022Slowly Fading into DataGB/CAlbert DataLink
2022The First Project
2022The little Tales of AlexandriaGBinsideGadgesLink
2022The MachineGBCincube8 GamesLink
2022The MistGB/CYliaderLink
2022The Shapeshifter 2GBGreenboy GamesLink
2022The Year after (Collector’s Edition)GB/Cincube8 GamesLink
2022Tower of Hanoi
GBFerrante CraftsLink
2022Tynesoft Commodore 16 ClassicsGBCinsideGadgesLink
GB/CFerrante CraftsLink
2022Windows93 Adventure DXGBCJankenpoppLink
2022Wing WarriorsGB/Cincube8 GamesLink
20218-Chan Man GBGBCGame ImpactLink
2021Alien InvasionGBFerrantePescaraLink
2021Asteroids ChasersGBYastuna GamesLink
2021Bingo MachineGB/CGame ImpactLink
2021Black CastleGBCommunity ReleasesLink
2021Burger KitchenGBCGame ImpactLink
2021Classic Internet Scary Maze GameGBGame Buoy GamesLink
2021DeadeusGBSpacebot InteractivLink
2021Die and RetryGBCatskull ElectronicsLink
2021Digital Monster Betamon Edition
Digital Monster Elecmon Edition
Digital Monster Kunemon Edition
GBProdigious PineapplLink
2021Digital Retro Park SoundtrackGBTronimalLink
2021Dino’s Offline AdventureGBCatskull ElectronicsLink
2021Doc CosmosGBCBitmap SoftLink
2021Dracula’s Castle CollectionGBGame ImpactLink
2021Gelatinous: Humanity LostGBJohn Roo, Steven LongLink
2021GenesisGBincube8 GameLink
2021Indestructo Tank!GBAntony LavelleLink
2021Kaivon RebornGBKaivonLink
2021Konbu-chan GaidenGBCGame ImpactLink
2021Living Electronics Music AlbumGBRemuteLink
2021Mona and the Witch’s Hat DeluxeGB/CCatskull ElectronicsLink
2021Museum on a CartGBDigital Retro ParkLink
2021NesmosGBCGame ImpactLink
2021Parasol Islands a bubble bobble storyGBCreadriveLink
2021Pineapple KidGBCBitmap SoftLink
2021Pine Creek
Pine Creek (Collector’s Edition)
GB/Cincube8 GamesLink
2021PLANET HOPGB/CGamebow Ltd.Link
2021POWA!GB/C1st Press GamesLink
2021Prima MateriaGB/CYliaderLink
2021QuartetGB/CCatskull ElectronicsLink
2021Repair-chan’s GB Repair KitGBGame ImpactLink
2021RoxOSGBCTg VirtualLink
2021SpaceEX: The Human Race to MarsGBCTg VirtualLink
2021Tales of MonsterlandGBBitmap SoftLink
2021The First Project (Kickstarter-Release)GBTedTouLink
2021The ShapeshifterGBGreenboy GamesLink
2020Bonesy (aka Farewell)GBGame Buoy GamesLink
2020Dimeo’s JukeboxGBTg VirtualLink
2020DMG deals DamageGBCatskull ElectronicLink
2020DragonborneGBSpacebot InteractiveLink
2020Fullswing GBGBCGame ImpactLink
2020Ghostly LabyrinthGB/CJared HansenLink
2020Great Adventure of HabitGBGame ImpactLink
2020Heebie-GBS Halloween Compilation Cart 2019GBasmLink
2020Micro DoctorGBGreenboy GamesLink
2020PetrisGBCCatskull ElectronicLink
2020Quest ArrestGBRetroRoomgamesLink
2020Quiz Impact Illustration CollectionGBCGame ImpactLink
2020Repair-chan’s repair strategy GBGBCGame ImpactLink
2020Super JETPAK DXGB/CAsobi.techLink
2020The Warp Coin CatastropheGBProximity SoundLink
2020Tomoo Yamane × Game Impact GB Dot IllustrationGBGame ImpactLink
2020Where is my body?GBGreenboy GamesLink
2020Windows93 AdventureGBJankenpoppLink
2019DanganGBCommunity Releases
Catskull Electronics
2019Death PlanetGBCatskull ElectronicsLink
2019Dracula’s CastleGBGame ImpactLink
2019InfinitronGBCMega Cat StudiosLink
2019Into the BlueGBCatskull ElectronicsLink
2019Koji Ogata GB DOT IllustrationGB/CGame ImpactLink
2019Lunar JourneyGBGreenboy GamesLink
2019Retro Gaming Museum The Game AVCON 2019 VersionGBGame Buoy GamesLink
2019Saeko-Teacher’s sexy Black Jack GBGB/CGame ImpactLink
2019Submarine 9GBGreenboy GamesLink
2019Tobu Tobu Girl DeluxeGB/C1st Press GamesLink
2019Tower of HanoiGBCatskull ElectronicsLink
2018Leo LegendGBGreenboy GamesLink
2018RetroidGBCommunity Releases
Mega Cat Studios
2018Sheep it Up!GBCatskull ElectronicsLink
2018Tyrannosaurus TexGBCPiko InteractiveLink
20172016 Christmas CardGBasmLink
2017Escape 2042 – The Truth DefendersGBOrionsoftLink
2017Flappy BirdGB/CasmLink
2017Guns & RidersGBCCatskull ElectronicsLink
2017Tobu Tobu GirlGBTangram GamesLink
2016Gunman CliveGBBertil Hörberg?
2016Hello_World! Music AlbumGBTronimalLink
2015Game Boy Test CartGBasmLink
2014AirakiGB/CFurrtek Software
Catskull Electronics
2014Heebie-GBS Halloween Compilation Cart 2014GBasmLink
2013Super ConnardGBFurrtek SoftwareLink
?Balloon World Cup 2021GBGreenboy GamesLink
?Chain BreakGB1985 AlternativoLink
?Dango DashGBCincube8 GamesLink
?Fall from SpaceGBJJ GamesLink
?Ghostly Labyrinth 2GBCincube8 GamesLink
?Green CubeGBGreenboy GamesLink
?Green DiverGBGreenboy GamesLink
?Jessie Jaeger in Cleopatra’s CurseGB/CBold Game StudioLink
?KitoriGBCTg VirtualLink
?Moon EscapeGBincube8 GamesLink
?Sydney Hunter and the Sacred TribeGBCollectorVision GamesLink
?The Mayor of SanctuaryGBCincube8 GamesLink
?Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3GBC?Link
?Yosei WarsGBCBitmap Soft?

First-class publishers with outstanding quality. Here you can shop without hesitation:

incube8 Games
Greenboy Games
Community Releases
1st Press Games
Game Impact

You have to be careful with these publishers:

Bitmap Soft (Doc Cosmos, In the Dark etc.)
My order (Tales of Monsterland, regular version) has disappeared. The publisher seems to have little interest in finding out the whereabouts of the package. The quality isn’t the best. The Ruby & Rusty module sticker was applied crookedly on my cartridge. The Ruby & Rusty sticker sheet is too big for the game packaging and will be creased as a result.

Studio 40A (Pong Boy)
Studio 40A’s shipping is insufficient. The packaging of the game reached me two times in damaged condition. A padded envelope was used first. The second time the game was sent in a XXS package. Studio 40A has problems with ensuring safe shipping.